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Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai aims to be the business hub of the Middle East and has increasingly become the favoured jurisdiction for relocation amongst wealthy individuals and families across the globe to manage their global affairs.

With laws and regulations that are international investor-friendly, a first-class health system and low tax and crime rates, the benefits are endless of moving to this progressive city, and we can help you on your move.

How we can assist you

Tax advice: Although the UAE is recognised as a tax-free jurisdiction, this does not mean that when relocating here, you can forget about paying income tax, particularly if you have returns from assets in your home country, such as rental income, dividend payments, savings interests and royalties. So, if you are planning to make the move, it’s strongly recommended that you take tax advice before you relocate.

Opening a bank account: Dubai has a competitive banking sector that has attracted a global range of private, commercial and investment banks to establish a presence in the region. We assist in understanding your banking requirements and help set up your bank account from beginning to end.

Visa setup and residency: At Sanctuary, we are here to assist you in obtaining your UAE residency visa.

UAE Golden Visa: In 2019, the UAE implemented a new visa opportunity to allow expatriates the ability to live, work, study and travel freely in the UAE without needing a local sponsor. This 10-year Golden Visa gives individuals the ability to feel secure about their future here. Sanctuary has over 12 years experience dealing with the government authorities and the committee here, meaning we can help process your 10-year Golden Visa and speed up the process on your behalf.

Concierge services: Our aim is to remove the stress from relocating and make sure your journey here is seamless and hassle-free. Therefore, we offer a premium concierge service, so whether you need us to arrange accommodation, obtain your driving license, or to organise health insurance, we take care of this for you.

To start your relocation journey, our team are here to help facilitate you on your unique relocation requirements from start to finish.

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